The painted pieces on paper are acting as "constituents", an ongoing collection of forms that have come from my observations. They accumulate and form different configurations each time I install them. As part of the installation process, I photograph at intervals so the new formation can become part of an ongoing animation.

From the 1989 book, "The Emperor's New Mind" by Roger Penrose:
"If the entire material content of a person were to be exchanged with corresponding particles in the bricks of his house then, in a strong sense, nothing would have happened whatsoever. What distinguishes the person from his house is the pattern of how his constituents are arranged, not the individuality of the constituents themselves."

Hillmer Gallery, College of St. Mary, Omaha NE January-February 2017
Anderson O'Brien Fine Arts Gallery, Omaha,Nebraska, November 2015
Fred Simon Gallery, Nebraska Arts Council, May 2014
Cardozier Gallery, University of Texas of the Permian Basin 2014
Kimmel Harding Nelson may 2012
Running Water / Rolling Hills Norfolk Art Center September 1- October 27, 2011 photos by Jim Butkus